Moments of Awareness

with Peace & the Dudes and The Fam

Humanimals on Display

Moments of Awareness is a live 24/7 audiovisual documentation and broadcast of the unedited, unabridged reality of the extraordinarily ordinary lives of the Jaways - Peace & the Dudes and The Fam - at Jaway's Jungle in Robie Creek. If there's a point or agenda, it's to observe the ways in which you, the observer, change the nature of this experiment we're calling our lives. And to learn more about what you think, and let others learn more about you, too. And to share some really cool music (and other things) from artists around the world.

Things to know:
  • Live chat is now available right here! See where it says, "Say something..." above? Click in the box and, well, say something!
  • We're probably interested in talking to you, but please understand that we may be otherwise engaged. Or we may be ignoring you. It's been known to happen.
  • See our Artist Agreement for information on how to have your music or other work included in our broadcast.
  • If the player above shows only snow and the word "Offline" with no MOA branding or thumbnails, please reload this page.
  • If the player above shows the word "Offline" with MOA branding and thumbnails, we're actually off-line, but will most likely be back in short order.
  • If the player above shows a video image before you click 'Play' and reloading doesn't bring you to the live broadcast, the page hasn't been updated, to which you may alert us if you wish.
  • If the player above shows MOA branding but no 'Offline' notice, the stream is supposed to be live, but - between our pitifully slow CenturyLink connection, Microsoft's assumption that Windows Updates are the most important thing eating our precious and overloaded bandwidth so should be pushed to the exclusion of anything else trying to use said underpowered CenturyLink connection, and YouTube's standards - it can't be broadcast.
  • Click here for the persistent (as possible) live stream on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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