Moments of Awareness

with Peace & the Dudes and The Fam

Humanimals on Display

Moments of Awareness is a live 24/7 audiovisual documentation and broadcast of the unedited, unabridged reality of the extraordinarily ordinary lives of the Jaways - Peace & the Dudes and The Fam - at Jaway's Jungle in Robie Creek.

Things to know:
  • If the player above shows only snow and the word "Offline", please reload this page.
  • Live chat is available at our Live Event page.
  • The broadcast may (or may not) be up to an hour or occasionally more behind real-time, may at times skip or the feed may drop altogether (in this case, the player will say Offline but will also show a cover image and other videos), or one or more cameras may go offline. Please use the aforementioned chat function to apprise us if you notice these or other anomalies in our feed, or if you have something else to ask or say.
  • See our Artist Agreement for information on how to have your music or other work included in our broadcast.

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