Moments of Awareness

with Peace & the Dudes and The Fam

Go to MOA's Google+ Live Event page to find our Showcase, ask questions, and read and share comments during and after the broadcast.

The most boring show on Earth or off it (or, 'Real Reality TV'),
and the one we always wanted to make.

Moments of Awareness with Peace & the Dudes and The Fam is now broadcasting live, 24/7, on YouTube via Google+ Hangouts. If you want to join our Hangout from time to time, contact us and we may (or may not, depending upon the day and what's up) invite you.

Contact us via Google+, YouTube or Facebook.


If you'd like your music, video, or other art displayed on Moments of Awareness, send us a booking inquiry, press kit, or message through any forum and we'll add you to the queue if and when possible.

Moments of Awareness
613 Robie Creek Road
Boise, ID 83716
attn: Art/Music Dept.

Please ensure that in addition to your express permission for us to use the works you make available (assuming you own all music and lyrics/video footage/images/artwork), you include either the tracks/works you'd like us to dis/play or a link at which we'll be able to download or buy them.

By sending your written request to air (in other words, when you say, Please play [band name]/show [video]/broadcast [image] on your show), you agree to the following:

Artist Agreement

[You] hereby certify that [you] have the authority (are of age to enter into a contract and own rights to the work, or are an official representative of the band or artist) and that [you] choose to release to Moments of Awareness & Psychedelic Aire/Dude & Peace Jaway the right to use your audio track/song/performance/video/image/artwork(s) in perpetuity as [we] see fit, with respect and acknowledgement to [you], it's owner(s).

(Files larger than 20mb will be rejected by the server. If your file is too large to email, include a link in your message from which it can be downloaded.)